Soybean Abstracts

Soybean Fungicide/insecticide Trial

A Comparison of Soybean Seed Coat Technology in Relay-Intercrop and Double-Crop Production Systems

Apex Simulation: Environmental Benefits of Agroforestry and Grass Buffers on Corn-Soybean Watersheds

Benefits of Lime Placement on Grain Yield Response and Remediation of Acid Subsoils

Comparison of Co-Granulated Fertilizer to Blends with S and ZN in Corn and Soybeans

Comparison of Impregnated Dry Fertilizer with S and Zn Blends for Corn and Soybeans

Cost-Effective Organic Weed Management for Clear Hilum Soybean Production

Drainage Water Management and Headline Fungicide Effects on Soybean Yield

Effect of Radish Overseeded Planting Date on Interseeded Soybean and Corn Yield

Effect of Soybean Aphid Management on Soybean Yield in Northeast Missouri

Effect of Wheat Cultivar on Double-Crop and Relay-Intercrop System

Effects of Spring-Interseed Winter Rye on Weed Control and Organic Soybean Yield

Enhanced Efficiency Phosphorus Application for a Corn-Soybean Rotation

Evaluation of the Utility of Glyphosate Tank-Mix Partners in Roundup Ready Soybean

GIS Analysis of Proximity Influence of Agroforestry and Grass Buffers on Corn and Soybean Yields

Glyphosate Tank-Mixes in Roundup Ready Soybean

Impact of Foliar K Source on Crop Response and Weed Control in a No-Till Glyphosate-Resistant Soybean Production System

The Impact of Wheat Variety and Soybean Seed Coating on Relay-Intercropped Grain Yields

In-Field Tissue Testing for Crop Nutrients

Influence of Glyphosate-Fungicide Combinations on Weed Control, Spray Penetration, and Yield in Glyphosate Resistant Soybean

Lactofen Application Timing Affects Yield and Isoflavone Concentration in Soybean Seed

Long Term No-Till and Reduced Tillage Crop Rotation Research

Plant Sap Test for Foliar N, K, Mn, and Lime on Soybean

Preplant and Foliar-Applied Potassium Chloride with Strobilurin Fungicides Effects on Soybean Yield

Relay Intercrop Wheat-Soybean Production Utilizing Glyphosate as a Wheat Harvest Aid to Increase Soybean Grain Yields and Maintain Wheat Grain Yields

Root Distribution in an Agroforestry Alley Cropping Practice

Selection of Foliar Applied Potassium Fertilizer Sources and Rates of Application to Optimize Soybean Response and Weed Control with Glyphosate in a Weed and Weed Management System

Soybean Fungicide/Insecticide Trial

Soybean Yield Response to Drainage and Subirrigation of a Claypan Soil in Northeast Missouri

Subsurface Nutrient Loss from a Corn-Soybean Watershed with Agroforestry and Grass Buffers

Summary of the 2014 Northern Missouri Soybean Breeding Research Plots at the Greenley Center

The Impact of Grazing Winter Annuals on Soil Compaction and No-Till Corn and Soybean Yield

The Impact of Wheat Variety and Soybean Seed Coating on Relay-Intercropped Grain Yields

Use of Pre-Plant or Foliar-Applied Potassium Chloride with Fungicides to Improve Soybean Response and Disease Resistance

Utility of Subsurface Drip Irrigation for Soybean Production

Wheat and Relay Intercropped Soybean Yield Response to Harvest Aid Application Timings

Winter-Annual Weed Management in Corn and Soybean and the Impact on Soybean Cyst Nematode Egg Population Densities

Yield Response of Soybean Cultivars to Subsurface Drainage and Subirrigation in Northeast Missouri