9468952112_a2a2264846_zGreenley Memorial Research Center’s focus is to conduct non-biased research beneficial to the producer. In support of this mission, we continually evaluate new technologies and crop management systems to ensure they are cost-effective and applicable to the region. One key project the Center is widely recognized for is the MU Drainage and Sub-Irrigation (MUDS) research, established at the Ross Jones Farm in 2001. This system allows for the evaluation of a corn/soybean crop rotation with drainage and sub-irrigation on claypan soil, which is prevalent across Northern Missouri.

In addition to the research conducted by Greenley Research Agronomist Dr. Kelly Nelson, many campus-based projects are conducted here. The Center also maintains a beef herd used for research and demonstration purposes. The herd continues to improve with the efficiency of our synchronization and artificial insemination to superior sires. We practice rotational grazing and continue to strive to reduce input costs and produce quality beef.

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