Corn Abstracts

Alternative Management Options in Northeast Missouri Claypan Soils for Increasing Corn Production

Apex Simulation: Environmental Benefits of Agroforestry and Grass Buffers on Corn-Soybean Watersheds

Assessing Changes in Soil Nitrogen and Rates of Decomposition Due to Differences Between Bt and Non-Bt Corn Residues

Benefits of Lime Placement on Grain Yield Response and Remediation of Acid Subsoils

Comparison of Co-Granulated Fertilizer to Blends with S and ZN in Corn and Soybeans

Comparison of Impregnated Dry Fertilizer with S and Zn Blends for Corn and Soybeans

Competition of Volunteer Corn (Zea Mays L.) and Removal from Transgenic Corn Hybrids

Corn Hybrid Response to Drainage, Drainage Plus Subirrigation, and Non-Drained Overhead Irrigation

Corn Hybrid Row Spacing and Seeding Rate Effects on Yield in Upstate Missouri

Corn Production as Affected by Phosphorus Enhancers, Phosphorus Source and Lime

Corn Response to an In-Row Band of Polymer-Coated Urea Compared with Urea

Corn Response to Application Timings of N Sources and Rates of ESN in Northeast Missouri

Corn Response to Drainage and Fertilizer on a Poorly-Drained River Bottom Soil

Corn Response to ESN and Other N Sources for Tillage Systems on Claypan Soils

Corn Yield Response to Foliar Boron and Headline Fungicide

Corn Yield Response to Managed Drainage and Polymer-Coated Urea

Corn Yield Response to Polymer- and Non-Coated Urea Placement and Timings Following Red Clover in Northeast Missouri

Cost-Effective N Management Using Reduced Rates of Polymer Coated Urea in Corn

Delineation of High Risk Field Areas for Variable Source N Fertilizer Applications to Optimize Crop N Use Efficiency

Development of High-Amylose Corn Varieties for Northeast Missouri: A Possible Specialty Crop Opportunity for Local Producers

Dual Boom Versus Single Boom Zone Herbicide Application (ZHA) in Field Corn

Effect of Foliar Boron Fertilization of Fine Textured Soils on Corn Yield

Effect of N Source Selection on Crop Performance and Weed Management Decisions

Effect of N Source Selection on High Protein Corn Response

Effect of Nitamine and Headline on Corn Grain Yield

Effect of Quadris and Headline on Corn Grain Yields in Northeast Missouri

Effect of Radish Overseeded Planting Date on Interseeded Soybean and Corn Yield

Enhanced Efficiency Liquid N Application for Corn

Enhanced Efficiency Phosphorus Application for a Corn-Soybean Rotation

Evaluation of the Utility and Economics of High-Input vs. Low-Input Corn Production Systems in Missouri

Foliar Fertilizer and Fungicide Interactions on Corn

Fungicide and Slow-Release Nitrogen Combinations for Corn

GIS Analysis of Proximity Influence of Agroforestry and Grass Buffers on Corn and Soybean Yields

Impact of N Fertilizer Source and Drainage on Spatial Variation in Nitrogen Use Efficiency and Environmental N Loss

Long Term No-Till and Reduced Tillage Crop Rotation Research

Nitrogen Fertilizer Management of Temporarily Flooded Soils to Improve Corn Production and Reduce Environmental N Loss

Nitrogen Management Using Reduced Rates of Polymer Coated Urea in Corn

Nitrogen Source and Drain Tile Spacing Affects Corn Yield Response in a Claypan Soil

Nitrous Oxide Emissions from Claypan Soils Due to Nitrogen Fertilizer Source and Tillage/Fertilizer Placement Practices

Phosphorus Enhancers and Strip-Tillage Affects Corn Production in Upstate Missouri

Radish Planting Date and Nitrogen Rate for Cover Crop Production and the Impact on Corn Yields in Upstate Missouri

Reducing Nitrogen Loss in Subsurface Tile Drainage Water with Managed Drainage and Polymer-Coated Urea in a Rive Bottom Soil

Reducing Phosphorus Loss in Tile Water with Managed Drainage in a Claypan Soil

Rescue N Applications for Corn: Yield Response, Leaf Burn, and Yield Loss

Rescue Nitrogen Applications for Corn

Research to Improve Hybrid Placement in Narrow-Row Corn Production

Subsurface Nutrient Loss from a Corn-Soybean Watershed with Agroforestry and Grass Buffers

The Effect of Residual N from Corn on Wheat Production

The Impact of Fertilizer Source and Tillage Systems on Nitrous Oxide Emissions

The Impact of Grazing Winter Annuals on Soil Compaction and No-Till Corn and Soybean Yield

Tillage Radish Planting Data Affects Cover Crop Establishment Yield, and Weed Suppression

Use of Nitrogen Fertilizer Sources to Enhance Tolerance and Recovery of New Corn Hybrids to Excessive Soil Moisture

Use of Slow-Release N Fertilizer to Control Nitrogen Losses Due to Spatial and Climatic Differences in Soil Moisture Conditions and Drainage

Utility of Polymer-Coated Urea as a Fall-Applied N Fertilizer Option for Corn and Wheat

Utility of Tillage Radishes as a Cover/Forage Crop and the Subsequent Impact on Corn Growth and Yields

Utilization of Polymer-Coated Urea Fertilizer and Managed Subsurface Drainage Systems to Improve Corn Yields in a Wabash Soil

Utilization of Polymer-Coated Urea Fertilizer and Managed Subsurface Drainage Systems to Improve N Management and Corn Yields

Variable Source N Fertilizer Applications to Optimize Crop N Use Efficiency

Weed Removal Timing in Roundup Ready Corn

Winter-Annual Weed Management in Corn and Soybean and the Impact on Soybean Cyst Nematode Egg Population Densities